5 Reasons Why You’re Not Losing Weight

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5 Reasons Why You’re Not Losing Weight

Consistency to lose weight fast

We all have faced that situation where we do just about anything to fit into that one size smaller outfit but all efforts are in vain. Not only is it demotivating to see no change, it ultimately results into depression and anxiety. So, what are you really doing wrong?

Late Bedtimes

Research from UC Berkeley shows that pulling off late night hours has absurd effects on our physical as well as mental health. Not only does it make the individual lethargic, it boosts cravings. Cravings push us off of our track towards unhealthy options and facilitate in making wrong food choices.

Skipping Breakfast

Skipping breakfast is the worst option to go for, while trying to lose weight. Eating a fulfilling and healthy breakfast, not only keeps us active, it ensures to limit our desires for unhealthy snacks. For sure shot results, the best option is to eat the most fulfilling meal at breakfast and reduce it by lunch time and minimize it by dinner time.

Crash Dieting

Crash dieting is a complete no-go if one wants long-lasting results. Putting the body in starvation mode may give instant results but the moment the routine comes to an end, the weight comes back and with full force. Healthy eating is not a short-lived program, it’s a life-long choice. In short, do NOT follow diet plans which cannot be adopted into your everyday life!

No Work out

It has become a common fact that 70% of weight loss can be obtained by eating right. Correct as this may be, we cannot avoid the significance of exercise in our lives. Working out on regular basis not only promotes weight loss, it has proven to strengthen the body. Add this to your routine and witness the difference.


Heard it, said it, but have you done it? “Consistency is key” is certainly the most appropriate stance to keep in order to lose weight. A healthy life style is not meant to be followed for a number of days. It is what your life should revolve around and be based upon. Be determined towards the right direction and you will never be disappointed by the outcome.

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