10 Things You’ll Relate To if You Go To Fatima Jinnah Women University

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June 12, 2017

10 Things You’ll Relate To if You Go To Fatima Jinnah Women University

15 Things You Know if You Go to Fatima Jinnah Women University

Fatima Jinnah women university is the largest and one of the oldest women university of Pakistan. It’s a wonderful place to study but if you are a Fatimian, or have ever been, you will surely relate to these things:

1. Cafeteria where every other girl gets scared by cats.

Buy food from the café and this will be a treat for the cats. They might not fear to jump on your table and eat your food.

Things Fatimians can relate

Source: globalnews.ca

Inshort: Larkyan kam aur billiyan ziyada

2. You avoid using the bathrooms unless its an emergency.

Bathrooms in Fatima Jinnah Women University

Source: popxo

Its hard to believe how people get to university but still dont know how to flush.


3. Going outside Fatima Jinnah Women University to buy “Challi” and food.

Going outside Fatima Jinnah University for food

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 It feels more like having party if class cancels and you get to buy your Challi.


4. Mcdonalds is your favourite spot.

Mcdonalds outside Fatima Jinnah University

Source: tumblr

Admit it, you have loved to get your lunch and treats at Mcdonalds since it’s the nearest restaurant with a hardly 10 minute walk from university.


5.  Fatima Jinnah Admin department, who has never been your favorite.

Somehow, admin is the most hated department of yours. Going there and coming back without any help on time has happened to you too.

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6. You either have too much free hours between classes.

Girls taking Selfies

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7. or consecutive classes.

Consecutive Classes in FJWU

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And on the other hand you might have 6 consecutive hours of classes sitting in the same room from day to evening.

8. Going out Sadar to Shop, whenever a class cancels.

You have got too long to wait for the next class so you will utilize the time by doing some window shopping and eating Chaman icecream at Sadar. It is your easily approachable market.

Sadar bazar Rawalpindi

Source: sbs

9. Going to Library is equivalent to climbing Mount Everest.

Library, being at one corner of the university, takes all you have to go for a long walk. Just the effort alone should give you bonus in exams.

Climbing Stairs Fit Girl Way

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10. You don’t get Cell Signals & Wifi in about half of the institute.No Wifi in University

Source: mangobaaz

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  1. abeer says:

    hhahahahaha 😛

  2. Ala says:

    hahahah 😀 good one (Y)

  3. Shafaq huma says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha 😆true

  4. imshah says:

    Lol so true

  5. sumyia says:

    hahahahahha so true

  6. Safa says:

    hahaha … 😏

  7. Rehma says:

    It’s true

  8. muqadsa says:

    hahhahha right

  9. Urwa says:

    True fabulous

  10. Shafia says:

    Hahahahaha so true ❤️

  11. Afifa says:

    lolz..well that’s soo true af. 😛 😀

  12. Sehar says:

    True all 😂😂 it has been 8yrs I have passed from there but reading all this makes me think that everything is still same

  13. Rizwana says:

    Hahahahaha Bht fit Aik dam zbrdst n such

  14. Zunaira says:

    You have to write application for everything. And get zalalt from teachers to admnis to everybody

  15. Annie says:

    Ufff its awsome and so true…dat library one is my fav

  16. Ailya says:

    Hahahah true :p

  17. Sada says:

    It seems that nothing change in 7 years

  18. Sidra majeed says:

    Eveery thing is so correct. I enjoyed this article a lot. Especially the emotions are so true depiction of students which only words cannot describe.
    Love u Fatima Jinnah for every uniqueness and every lasting memory. We owe a lot to this institution as it made us.

  19. Kiran says:

    So damn true each and every word. In my times 10 years back we use to know each and every van route as to going for assignments, research or to simply have chai samosa from QAU cafe in good weather… And happy dale chips too 🙂

  20. Anonymous screw you says:

    Don’t forget disgusting food at the cafe and no events what so ever, no farewells or welcomes, just a dead space to pass our four years in.

  21. Umbreen says:

    lol wonderful

  22. Fariha shoaib says:

    Lolz,we cant forgwt to go out to macdonald and sadar,its fact…our cafe was awesome and strange but true that me and iffi used to go library oftenly….lovely time and matchlesa uni

  23. Mahi says:

    16 anay khari bat kahi yar dil ko lagi

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