10 Health Benefits of Adding Dates (Khajoor) to Your Daily Diet

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10 Health Benefits of Adding Dates (Khajoor) to Your Daily Diet

Benefits of Dates

You may have heard a ton of tips and tricks for a healthy life style. However, people have not commonly heard of for the health benefits of dates. Under-rated as it is, Khajoor is an extremely valuable fruit that can play a very significant role in improving your life style. Here are some health benefits of dates.

1. Dates Promote Rejuvenated Health

Dates are rich in magnesium – a mineral associated with relieving the consumer off constipation and inflammation. This, not only results in a healthy and efficient colon, it ultimately facilitates in losing weight.

2. Khajoor Helps in Weight Loss

Weight loss has been a dilemma for ages for many people. Everyone wants a healthy snack that also tastes great. A khajoor will do just that for you!! Besides the fact that it if full of vitamins, it provides you with natural sugars, required by the body, making sure to eliminate your cravings for artificially sweetened snacks. You can now satisfy your sweet tooth, without feeling guilty!!

3. Anti-Depressant

Khajoor is the healthiest anti-depressant. The natural sugars provided by a Khajoor, satisfy the taste buds, releasing happy cells. The composition of magnesium and vitamin C present in the Khajoor help in mediating the release of cortisol into the blood stream, leaving you feeling happier and healthier.

Khajoor Benefits

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4. Dates Promote Heart Health

The heart is the most essential, yet sensitive organ of the human body. Fully packed with fiber, this delicacy also boosts the heart health. It is a snack that is free from cholesterol and high in nutrition. It also provides proteins, allowing the human body to function effortlessly, yet efficiently.

5. Khajoor Boosts Energy

For people who want a low calorie, high energy snack, Khajoor is a huge blessing. One Khajoor consists of only 26 calories. However, if you need a boost of energy, a date will take you a long way!! Just pop two dates before hitting the gym and you will burn more calories in the same amount of time as it makes you energetic.
Health Benefits of Dates

Source: livestrong

6. Health Benefits of Dates for Bones

Boosting human health, a Khajoor does not fail to cater to the beauty aspect that is most desired by all humans. Dates play a vital role in enhancing health of bones. This includes your teeth!! Surprised, right? Khajoor also aid in making sure that you win the world with your beautiful smile.

7. Beauty Treatment and Anti-ageing Benefits

We go through all sorts of procedures for a young, smooth, fresh-looking skin. A tiny supplement (Khajoor), can help us achieve all that and more. Loaded with vitamin A, B1, B2, protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron and magnesium, Khajoor will make your skin beautiful and supple.

It cleanses the blood and plays the role of an herbal elixir for a youthful glow. You do not need to worry about any aging lines and wrinkles if you have this fruit added to your diet. A low-calorie snack, that can successfully transform your energy levels and keep you looking young? What more could you ask for?

8. Dates Prevent Hair Loss

Iron and Vitamin B present in Dates help to naturally prevent hair loss. Add 3 to 4 dates in your diet with a glass of milk every morning. If you want longer, stronger and shiny hair, drink it on an empty stomach to get all the benefits of dates for hair. It’s good for anemic patients as well.

Add Dates to Your Daily Diet to get all Benefits

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9. A Treat for New Mothers

When one is stepping into the stage of motherhood, they often complain about feeling fatigued and cranky. Not only this, it is common for women to face a lot of hair loss after delivering a baby. By adding Khajoor to your post-delivery diet, you can easily maintain your health as well as your beauty.

This fruit is a punch of vitamins and minerals, improving overall health. For healthy hair, you need iron and vitamin B, which are both available in dates. For excessive hair loss, you may add dry dates to your diet. They will replenish your hair follicles and nourish your roots. Your hair will be better than ever!!

10. Make it a Treat

Besides all health benefits of dates, they are a very delicious, classic and healthy choice for serving your guests. It can be used as a topper and a flavor enhancer. However, there is nothing yummier than a stuffed Khajoor!! Yes, you read that right!! Just pull out the seed and replace it with dry fruits like almonds, pistachios, walnuts cashew nuts and more. It can also be center filled with whipped cream, leaving you wanting more. This can be served with tea or green tea, providing a kick of flavor.
Get all health benefits of dates

Source: food.ndtv

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