Latest and Amazing Mehndi Designs Collection for Eid 2017

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Latest and Amazing Mehndi Designs Collection for Eid 2017

Latest Eid Mehndi Design

Eid is a big event of Muslims, celebrated with great pleasure and joys among all Muslims across the globe. It is a real source of happiness for women. Eid in Pakistan is not complete without chand raat celebrations and chand raat is incomplete without a good dose of Mehndi.

Here is a tip for all the ladies out there who love to beautify their hands and feet with exquisite henna art: the occasion is Eid and not your favorite uncle’s son’s marriage, therefore hath hola rakhna because overly done henna art would look brash, to be honest.

When it comes to mehndi, the designs embraced by simplicity seem much appealing and attractive than anything else. As the fashion trends are outspreading speedily, the mehndi designs are also moving towards more elegance and grace.

On that note, we have collected some of the finest and beautiful mehndi designs for you and we hope you would try them out this Eid.

Latest and Beautiful Eid Mehndi Designs Collection for Girls:

1. Simple Floral Designs:

Mehndi designs look more fascinating when they have simple and delicate floral motifs. This beautiful, breath taking mehndi design will give you all the shehzaadi feels this Eid Day.

Simple Floral Mehndi for Eid

Source: weheartit

2. The Gol Tikki designs: 

The Gol Tikki design is the most common and loved one and it never gets old. It is simple yet prettiest of all. Try a twist with a simple and traditional tikka design and you won’t be disappointed by the results. You can modify it with the fine swirls of flowers curling around the central filling. You can also make variation in the outer patterns, matching the design along the fingers, and keeping the rest of the major part of hand empty. As less is always more, the finer or minimalistic pattern you would draw around your gol tikki, the more it would look decent.

Gol Tikki Design for Eid Mehndi

Source: stylesatlife

Simple Gol Tikki Design

Source: sheinstyles

3. Peacock Mehndi Designs:

Try out Peacock Mehndi designs which have now become the part of almost every other mehndi design. Peacock designs are pretty easy to apply but make sure you have a fine tip of mehndi cone in order to give your styles super attractive look.

Peacock Mehndi Design for Eid

Source: trenduneed

4. Tribal Henna Patterns: 

Tribal henna patterns are perhaps the most dominant and evolving henna patterns which come in a variety of different designs. You can either use dotted patterns of mehndi, network lines or fine block styles, keeping the design just to your fingers or thumb region of your hand or only on your wrist, it’s all up to you. Tribal henna is the most modern form of mehndi artwork that is developed through traditional henna patterns.

Tribal Henna Pattern for Eid

Source: planmyoccasion

Collection of Eid Mehndi Designs for 2017

5. Minimalistic designs mark the beautiful patterns that you will simply love. These fascinating designs are proof enough.

Source: wiseshe


Eid Mehndi Design for Girls

Source: thebigfatindianwedding

6. Just like this tattoo which is stylish, elegant yet traditional.

Minimalistic Eid Mehndi Design

Source: pinterest

7. You can also go for a design that highlights any accessory that you wear.

Eid Mehndi for Girls


Mehndi that highlights accessory

Source: mehndiyoyo

8. Don’t forget to draw mehndi tattoos on your feet. Design elegant patterns on your feet for a complete and polished look.

Mehndi on Feet

Source: pinterest

9. If heavy designs are not your thing, you can always try a nice small henna tattoo that will look wonderful sneaking out of your eid ki jooti.

Mehndi on Feet

Source: forcreativejuice

Traditional Eid Mehndi Design

Source: pinterest

10. Bail design that starts from the bottom of the hand and reaches out to the fingers is one of the oldest and the most trusted form of mehndi design.

Bail Design for Mehndi

Source: trenduneed

11. Now white henna is in trend too. You can complement it with a bold nail shade.

White Henna


12. Or try out these beautiful and simple mehndi designs that could easily be reproduced by even your 12 year old cousin.

Simple and Easy Eid Mehndi Design

Source: stylesweekly

Amazing Eid Mehndi Design

Source: sheinstyles

13. And the back of your hand would look simply amazing with this beautiful jaali pattern.

Easy Jaali Pattern for Eid

Source: mangobaaz

14. This mehndi design will upraise your special Eid look to an exceptional level.

Elegant Eid Mehndi Design

Source: stylesweekly

15. You can also experiment with this golden mehndi design as well which looks simply GORGEOUS.

Golden Mehndi Designs

Source: mangobaaz

So try out these alluring mehndi deisgns this Eid, stay happy and have a blessed Eid.

Featured Image via instagram:fauzellaartistry

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