Women Fitness Trainers Breaking Stereotypes about Pakistani Women

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Women Fitness Trainers Breaking Stereotypes about Pakistani Women

Women Fitness Trainers

1. Maryam Nasim:

Maryam Nasim represents modern Pakistani women who are living away from their families and homes in pursuit of their dreams. She faced a lot of resistance from her society and friends but nothing could stop her passion for health and fitness. She belongs to Peshawar Pakistan and is living in Australia now for 8 years. She works as a personal trainer at a gym in Melbourne. Her Blog “IAMFIT” about health and fitness was also widely followed and appreciated.

Women Fitness Trainer of Pakistan-Maryam Nasim

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“When I started off, it was hard for everyone to understand me. I did face a lot of resistance not only from society but also my own friends,” says Maryam Nasim, a certified personal trainer in Melbourne, talking to the Express Tribune https://tribune.com.pk/story/1176551/fitness-trainer-maryam-nasim-breaking-stereotypes-pakistani-women/

She is one of the very few skilled female Muslim trainers in the world. Nasim talked about how she was able to break all the stereotypes related with Pakistani women in fitness industry.

Her own friends used to make fun of her and say mean things about her lifting weights. It used to upset her a lot but she learnt to move on. She fought back and proved herself over and over again.

“My facebook Friends would make fun of me and say things like ‘You don’t have to put everything about your work out on Facebook’, but my goals were different. In no time people start recognizing me for my work.”

Trainer Maryam Nasim:

With her passion for health and fitness, she lost 30 kgs in a very short time period but sooner she realized that fitness is not all about losing weight. It is more important to take care of your body and eat all healthy and right.

Nasim has slowly become prominent in the fitness field by using social media and blogging about fitness. She recalls the time when people used to make fun of her when she came up with the idea. Now she is recognized for something she has worked really hard for.

2. Amal Sarwar:

Meet Amal Sarwar, a bright young instructor at Studio X Karachi Pakistan. 26 year old Amal pursued a personal passion for fitness, taking classes in UK to become a certified fitness trainer. Earlier she started with a foundation course at YMCAfit and is now certified for Kettle Bell classes, Bootcamp instruction, Bokwa and boxing.

Women Fitness Trainer of Pakistan - Amal Sarwar

Source: tribune

“I’m particularly proud of my Ricky Hatton Boxing Academy certification which enables me to give both group classes and one-on-one instruction. I’m also the only certified Bokwa instructor in Pakistan.” says Amal talking to Dawn News https://images.dawn.com/news/1174988

Bokwa has its origin in LA, and is a cool blend of hip-hop dance and step moves. It’s a dance based fitness class where the moves involve tracing the alphabets on ground, making it easy to follow for newbies. After becoming comfortable, you can add your own free style dance steps.

As boredom is dangerous, she is also a big fan of adding variety to workouts. If you are having a same routine daily, you would lose the passion and interest. Adding something new keeps your mind challenged and motivated to get up and go to the gym.

Amal teaches different classes at StudioX in the morning and has a pretty cool day job as well. She is the creative lead at a gaming Studio that develops mobile gamming apps and graphic novels for educational drives.

She is adding plenty to Karachi’s fitness part. If you are tired of the 42 day challenge or yoga, maybe you can try out Bokwa or boxing?

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