6 Girly Treats that you deserve to Cherish on Women’s day 2018

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July 22, 2017

6 Girly Treats that you deserve to Cherish on Women’s day 2018

International Women's Day 2018

Who said we only need a day committed to the awesomeness that we are? We deserve whole year! But as we already have a day, how about creating the most of it? Rather than sitting at home and spending time on social media or talking about our day at social platforms, we need to get active and enjoy the day. Rejoice womanhood and enjoy women’s day without a second thought. Wondering how can we do this? We have got a list of activities for you to do on women’s day.

1. Go road-tripping with your gang

Head out on a long drive with your squad of girls. Talk about everything and rejoice the day by raising a tribute to the strong and confident woman that you have grown up to be.

Road Trip with Friends on Women's Day

Source: redpanicbutton.com

2. Sleepover and watch movies with your bestie

Why go out when we can have a blast at home? Plan a sleepover with your besties. Cry, laugh, dance, enjoy music and watch movie on a projector with your favorite snacks!

Your favorite snacking on Womens day 2018

Source: healthfitnessrevolution.com

3. Tick something off your Check list

This day is a great opportunity to do something you always desired to. It could be as small as getting your favorite hair cut or as big as travelling alone. Just have faith on yourself and move towards the thing that you always have been craving to achieve.

International Womens Day Celebration 2018

Source: pexels.com

4. Spend the day in the lap of luxury

Treat yourself with everything nice and lavish. Get a spa session, massage and your nails done or get a complete makeover. Spend a day at the beach. Whatever you plan make sure you have loads of fun.

Luxury Lifestyle on Womens Day

Source: tukuoke.com

5. Go for a staycation in the city

Book yourself a hotel room and spend the day away from all your responsibilities. Jump in the pool, eat your favorite food and enjoy those cozy hotel beds for the whole day.

Women's Staycation in City

Source: stays.tripzilla.com

6. Give yourself a shopping treat on this great Flash Sale of Year!

There is nothing better than giving yourself new products. Luckily you will have sale on 8th & 9th March on almost all shopping stores. You can buy things that can make you look beautiful than ever. Eat from your favorite restaurants offering women’s day sale. Buy your favorite kitchen utensils that you love.

So, what are you planning to do?

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