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Diabetes Symptoms and Treatment

Diabetes is an ailment that affects the patient’s competence to produce and utilize insulin. Insulin is a hormone. The food that we take in generates energy, and insulin is released. The insulin aids in carrying the energy to the cells. Most early diabetes symptoms include higher-than-normal levels of glucose, a kind of sugar, in your blood. A person’s diet, genetics, weight and life style play a major part in causing diabetes. There are many symptoms of diabetes.

Diabetes Symptoms: 

Common diabetes symptoms that are found in Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes are as follows:

  • The Desire to Eat:

    The patient wants to eat more often. Even after eating, he will have craving for food. He/she will not feel satisfied.

  • Increased Thirst:

    It is one of the early symptoms of diabetes. The patient wants to drink more often.

  • Dry Mouth:

    Even after drinking a lot, one will have a dry mouth.

  • The Urge to Urinate:

    The person suffering from diabetes urinates more. He can have urine infections as well.

  • Weight Loss:

    Despite increased eating and drinking, the weight will reduce.

  • Lethargy:

    The patient becomes inactive.

  • Unconsciousness:

    It is also called the diabetic coma.

  • Blurry vision, headaches, and numbness have also been observed as symptoms of diabetes.

Diabetes treatment and home remedies are as follows:

Diabetes Treatment with Home Remedies:

Medications are available to treat this disease. Still, people take help from home remedies. These home remedies are found effective and one can try in early stages and get benefit from them.

  • Bitter Gourd:

    It is the most commonly used home remedy. It has the ability to maintain glucose level in the body. Extract the juice from the bitter gourd and drink empty stomach in the morning. One has to be patient as it may take few months to show the desired results.

  • Guava:

    Eating guava daily can maintain the glucose level. It is enriched with vitamin c and fiber.

  • Jambul:

    It is good for the pancreas. Pancreas regulates the blood sugar. So, if one takes jambul regularly, it will leave a good impact on the pancreatic health.

  • Cinnamon:

    It is found beneficial for diabetic patients. Take four teaspoons of cinnamon powder. Put it in the water and boil. The flame should be low. Sieve the mixture and use it daily to maintain glucose level.

  • Aloe Vera:

    Aloe Vera is an advantageous plant. Its juice is extracted and mixed with turmeric, and bay leaf in equal quantities. Taking this mixture before the meal helps in controlling diabetes.

  • Fenugreek:

    It is a herb that controls blood sugar. Its seeds are soaked in the water for the whole night. It is consumed empty stomach in the morning. It is also available in the powdered form. You can mix it in the milk and use this drink for diabetes treatment.

  • Jamun:

    It is a seasonal fruit. It is found effective in diabetes treatment. You can take advantage of its benefits when it is available.

  • Water:

    Drinking plenty of water is considered beneficial for the body. It can help in maintaining glucose level. Drinking 2.5 liters of water daily can show surprising results and improve overall health.

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